My writing process

Free writing. Arguably the number one greatest strategy for writing a paper. why do I say this. Think back to any paper you have ever written. Then try and think about how you approached your strategy to begin your paper. You probably thought about sitting down and brainstorming what you are going to write about. Well in all reality, this is free writing. Whats the difference? In free writing, as opposed to just thinking about your topic, you actually put your thoughts and ideas on paper. So begins your first draft.

    Now from this point, when your first initial paper is “done” you can go back and filter through your paper and get rid of the portions that have nothing to do with the topic, and also pick out the points or information that you can use. In essence this gives you a baseline of where to start, then you can build from there. Everything starts with a foundation, this technique builds a strong support for the rest of your paper.

    It is because of these reasons that I stuck to this strategie for as far back as I can remember. Writing has not been something that was always enjoyable, but with free writing it gave me the opportunity to write about something that I wanted to write about. Then, I was able to evolve the initial writing into something that pertained to the assignment, or in other words I was able to take a topic I didn’t care for and then tie in aspects that kept me interested and moving forward.

    Although this technique has worked for me quite well, it also lays way to potential disaster for me, and here is why. When I free write I go through the steps and processes to generate a paper to be turned in. However if I get done free writing, and I like what I read, I call it good and turn it in. This can be dangerous in the sense that it completely alleviates the revising process and can lead to holes and neglect where there should be proper structure. Keep in mind this is one of my faults, others may not have this problem.

    This mentality has followed me the whole way through school and into college. My thoughts,ideas, and strategies have pretty well stayed the same but its how I have refined these processes that has changed. Hence helping me develop into a more efficient and proper writer.


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